Missions Partner: Dustin Garner


Current work: 

Three major categories:

  • Helping mobilize and coordinate "Messenger Youth Rallies". Mini 2 day conferences aimed at mobilizing the nation to pray and evangelize for our "All America" initiative (https://allamerica.org/)

  • Youth "Infusion" Camps - We're running two weeklong camps for teenagers this summer.

  • A few other things outside of my 9-5 that I'm working on: Becoming a certified CrossFit coach(to help serve at our base and a great entry point into closed nations) and coordinating prayer initiatives with IHOPKC.

Prayer Requests:

  • Short term: auto work on the car(waiting for the last two weeks) and hoping to upgrade to a better car by the next couple months.

  • Long term: 2 1/2 year remaining commitment, long term direction and vision from Lord, relationship


How can HOPE Church continue to partner with you? 

I've talked a little with PQ on this. Finance and prayer have definitely been key. Opportunities to share with HOPE church members more directly.