Budget Information

Budget Request and Reimbursement:

PDF Instructions:
Suggested software to download: Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.

  1. Fill out the form by making selections using the drop-down menus. If options are unavailable, entries can be manually entered.
  2. Attach any supporting documentation (i.e. receipts, etc.)
  3. Forward the completed form to the ministry leader for approval. The ministry leader shall enter the budget remaining field.
  4. Obtain second approval from the Pastors or Session if necessary per the form's instructions.

To sign the PDF, see the two options below along with instructions (for Acrobat Adobe Reader DC) for first-time creation of signatures. 

Option 1

  1. Click into the approval signature field and sign the form using a digital ID or create one if unavailable.
  2. To create a new digital ID, click on Configure Digital ID / Create a new Digital ID / Save to File
  3. Enter name and email address, then create a password and save.
  4. Follow the instructions to proceed with signing the form.

Option 2

  1. Go to the menu bar: View / Tools / Fill and Sign / Open.
  2. Click on the icon (see right), Add Signature.
  3. Type or draw your signature, Apply.
  4. Place image of your signature in the approval signature field. 



Budget request form (pdf)

Budget request form (pdf, full featured but requires Acrobat)

Budget Deposit:


Budget deposit form (pdf)


Budget Tracking: Irene and Danny created this and I thought it was pretty helpful. You may edit it for your particular ministry, inputting your line item categories and $ figures. This was shared with me as a google sheet (not MS Excel) so it's in my Google Drive and always accessible.


Budget Tracker example (MS Excel xlxs)

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