Missions Partner: John Goh
Name of Ministry:  Go Seoul Missional Church
Location:  Seoul, South Korea

Overarching Goal:  Our primary goal is to reach the young people in Seoul, especially those in their 20’s and 30’s, to know God well, to be committed to God fully, and to be trained and sent out to the marketplace and/or to the nation for the glory of God and blessing of all people.  We do this not only because this is the “normal” Christianity, but because we believe that both the Korea Reunification and the Global Awakening and Revival are imminent.  Therefore we are seeking & gathering, inspiring & motivating, equipping & training the young people to be evangelists and reformers for this coming season.  

March 2019 Update: Overall the ministry has been going well.  Our members are growing in their faith!  They are much more conscientious and serious of the Lord in their daily lives, fear of the Lord and love of the Lord have been growing, they are more hopeful in the Lord both for the life now and after, and there is more joy in their Christian lives.  There is a growing hunger for the Word of God and the Spirit of God.  Although there are people who are slower at growing, which pains my heart, there is a core group who have been following harder after God.  We are so happy to see this.  

We have few more people added to our number for Sunday Service.  So we now average between 40-45 people on Sundays which often include few visitors.  Our Sunday Service is still 3-hours long with a voluntary dinner together afterwards for fellowship.  And it is at this dinner fellowship that our young people embrace the new people and the visitors!  It’s truly been our joy to enjoy such sweet and joyful fellowship each week!  It’s been one of my favorite times!  

We couldn’t find Sunday School jundosanim.  But instead we now have 2 Christian youths from elsewhere who come to care for our 1-3 children for about 2-hours during the message time.  We pay these youths and so it’s been working out well both for the children and for the youths.  Hallelujah for God’s creative solutions!  

Prayer Requests

  1. To have more English speaking foreigners to join us.  I want our church to be more international in our mix.  Also I want a lot more young people in their 20’s and 30’s to hear about our church and come join us to grow together!  

    Although many of our members speak English and some have lived in USA and Canada, we now have 1 Malaysian and 1 white American!  Yeah!  We want more foreigners to join us as well as more young people!  

  2. Many people will hear about our Bible360 and come join in July!  Especially the young people but not exclusively!

    Our Bible360 program which is reading and studying the entire Bible in 6-months has been going well also.  We have a dozen people who come on Saturday mornings for 3-hours of bible review for that week’s reading and implications for today’s living.  Our current Bible360 will end at the end of April.  And the next season will begin in July.    

  3. More genuine worshippers to hear about us and come join us at Refill.  We want dancers, artists, revivalists, church workers, students, young people of all background who genuinely love God to come draw near to God in hunger and passion and worship to bring heaven down to earth to cover Seoul!  

    Our Refill Worship and Prayer night twice a month has been going well with the sweet presence of the Lord.  Although we have anywhere between 4-10 people joining us at any given time, our goal has been to create a place and time where we can freely worship and commune with the Lord regardless of how many people join us.  However we do want other worshippers to come join us regardless of their church affiliation.  Currently the Refill leadership team (worship team) consist of 5 people from GSMC (including my wife and I), 1 person from another church, and 1 person from yet another church.  So we started Refill with 2 other worshippers from 2 other churches as a separate ministry of its own unaffiliated with any church.  Our desire was to create a relaxed, open space for genuine Worship and Prayer to draw near to God and exalt His Name regardless of our church affiliation and background.  Currently we have 1 artist who comes to draw during worship.  Yeah!  

  4. For God to begin to send teenagers to us!  So we can start a ministry for the teenagers this year!  

    Currently we are targeting young people in 20’s and 30’s and the majority in our church members are such for now.  However our next target group are the teenagers.  I don’t know yet when and how we will start the ministry for the teenagers but this has been on my heart.  So we will begin to pray for them and expect God to lead us.  

  5. For greater signs and wonders to be released at our gatherings with the teaching and preaching of the Word of God.

    For God to become more real and impact the lives of young people in Korea, I want to see a greater release of God’s power demonstrated at our gatherings with the teaching and preaching of the Word of God.  


Thank you for praying for us, the churches, the young people and Korea during this crucial time!!