Missions Partner: John Goh
Name of Ministry:  Go Seoul Missional Church
Location:  Seoul, South Korea

Overarching Goal:  Our primary goal is to reach the young people in Seoul, especially those in their 20’s and 30’s, to know God well, to be committed to God fully, and to be trained and sent out to the marketplace and/or to the nation for the glory of God and blessing of all people.  We do this not only because this is the “normal” Christianity, but because we believe that both the Korea Reunification and the Global Awakening and Revival are imminent.  Therefore we are seeking & gathering, inspiring & motivating, equipping & training the young people to be evangelists and reformers for this coming season.  

July 2018 Update: We are steadily growing in number and we now average 35-40 people on Sunday service mostly in their 20’s and early 30’s.  These additions are from our church members inviting their friends who are either looking for a church or who have left the church.  Some join because they are looking for a discipling church like our’s.  Some join because they find the informal and participatory environment of our service to be refreshing and freeing.  Some join because they like the people who make up our church community.  They see that the people are bright and full of life, warm and welcoming and friendly.  We are very thankful to the Lord for this steady growth and the positive responses of the people.

Prayer Requests

  1. Please pray for continuous steady growth of new young people being added to our number.  Especially those who are looking for a discipling church or who have left the church or who are not-yet Christians but wanting to know about Christian faith.  

    Typically after the 3-hours of Sunday service, most of us go out to have dinner together and with our growing number, we now have to look for large-enough restaurants nearby to accommodate all of us.  This is a relaxing, fun and joyful time for us all where natural bonding and fellowship take place.  

    After the dinner, some people meet together at a coffee shop or nearby for their weekly small group.  Other small groups meet at other days.  Although it’s been over a year since we started this church community, Kristen and I are still amazed that our young people would choose to sit through a 3-hour service (often over 3-hours), then dinner and some even a small group afterwards!  That’s about 7-hours on Sundays!  Our conclusion is that these are hungry people for God and God is at work in them!  
  2. Please pray for continuously growing hunger for God and love for Christian community.  And that their hunger for God will be filled with even a greater appetite for God.  And their love for one-another will grow.  

    Of course, all these times spent on church activities is of little consequence if people aren’t activating them in real life.  But people are activating them and applying them in real life to which we are encouraged and thankful to the Lord!  It’s clear that God is at work in them because people are genuinely wanting to and applying their Christian faith in their lives.  Some are studying for their graduate school while confirming their calling.  Some are working in the marketplace trying to be a positive influence and witness for the gospel.  Some have started their own businesses with the hope of glorifying God and empowering others.  Some are freelancers using their gifts and skills to serve others and be a witness.  Four couples have gotten married this year and I officiated two of those weddings.  In all their individual stages of life, people are moving forward in life with faith.  We are thankful that we can be a part of all this.
  3. Please pray that people will progress in life with faith according to God’s calling and grace.  Those who are studying to be confirmed in their calling and career direction.  Those who are working to grow in their Christian influence and witness in their workplace.  Those who have started business to know how to grow their company as BAM (Business As Mission) for the glory of God, empower their workers and to be a witness in the marketplace.  Etc.

    To further equip our people with intimacy and power of God, we also just started a biweekly prayer meeting (2nd and 4th Friday of each month) from our church.  We also continue to have our biweekly worship & prayer meeting (1st and 3rd Friday of each month) called Refill to have people come to be encouraged by God.  These Friday meetings are open to all Christians and typically we have 10-15 people come and the presence of God has been growing.  But we want the presence and power of God to increase and we want a lot more people to come to be refilled, and to grow in intimacy and power of God.
  4. Please pray for the presence and power of God to radically increase in these Friday prayer meetings and that many more people will come to be radically touched by God.

    We now have a 2-year old girl and a 9-year old girl at our Sunday service.  So we are looking to hire a part-time Jundosanim to run a Sunday School during our Sunday message time.  
  5. Please pray that we’ll find and hire a great Sunday School jundosanim who has a strong heart, anointing and skill to teach and equip our young children.  We need such a jundosanim now!