Missions Partner: John Goh
Name of Ministry:  Go Seoul Missional Church
Location:  Seoul, South Korea

Overarching Goal:  Our primary goal is to reach the young people in Seoul, especially those in their 20’s and 30’s, to know God well, to be committed to God fully, and to be trained and sent out to the marketplace and/or to the nation for the glory of God and blessing of all people.  We do this not only because this is the “normal” Christianity, but because we believe that both the Korea Reunification and the Global Awakening and Revival are imminent.  Therefore we are seeking & gathering, inspiring & motivating, equipping & training the young people to be evangelists and reformers for this coming season.  

Therefore please pray for:

  • young people to be saved
  • prodigals to come to the Lord and to their family
  • lazy Christians to be awakened and committed to the Lord
  • young people to find and move towards their calling in the Lord
  • know the Word of God well, be led by the Spirit of God well, grow strong in choosing well in life, be committed to their local Christian communities (i.e. church and small groups) for mutual support and growth

Download: Go Seoul Missional Church Info (pdf)