Missions Partner: Lana Vasquez, founder of Life Impact International

Who is our prayer partner Lana Vasquez?

Lana is the Founder of Life Impact International and moved to Thailand and became momma to children in a prevention home when she was just 24 years old. For the past 17 years, Lana and her team have been working relentlessly with trafficked, exploited and at-risk children in Thailand, Burma and the war-zones and borders in between.

The things that children face in our world today, are exploitations such as; trafficking, abuse, abandonment, slavery and prostitution. Lana and her team fight for, protect and are a voice for these vulnerable children! They fight with the belief that if we reach a generation then that generation will change their own nation! Thus Change a Life, Change the World is their fighting motto!

Their strategy is simple; Prevent, Rescue and Heal!

Thousands upon thousands of at-risk children, exploited families and vulnerable poor's lives have been changed through Life Impact USA, Life Impact UK and Life Impact Thailand Foundation with Life Impact Burma becoming legalized and Life Impact Brazil launching in 2019!

Thailand and Burma 

We currently have around 155 children, the reason why the number isn’t a hard fast number is because we have now raised and are graduating our second generation of rescued children...Some are going to bible school, some are going into famous soccer camps, and one just graduated from culinary school! One is studying in America, 

We have now built our 17th family style safe home on the Promise Land, and recently acquired another 17 acres of land right next to it and now we are almost finished developing it into our new boys property with a farm, vocational training center. As I type this, the boys are moving into their new home! From this property we can see the ASEAN highway! Where we will set up a border monitoring task force where we can rescue children being trafficked all over south east Asia! In addition to that on this property will be the first ever rescue headquarters!


Also we opened an Emergency/ Transition Safe house on our border!

Myanmar (Burma)

The promise land is located on the Thai Side of the Thai Burma Border but Life Impact also has 3 homes on the Burma side, one in the border town and 2 more in the capital city. 60 women and children trafficked daily, that’s where the children are coming from, they’ll be sold for as little as $3...to pay of their debt because of poverty, so now we are legalizing Life Impact Burma so we can bring our homes from underground to fully legal and governmentally recognized in a corrupt, and military ran country.

Correspondence on (7/2/2019): Actually just this week my Country Director of Burma was meeting with the head of social welfare and we are starting talks and have began the process of Legalizing Life Impact Myanmar and our homes on the border and the capital! 


And if I didn’t have enough to do ;) We are finally launching in Brazil! 

The word the Lord gave me for 2019 was:

Tweak Thailand. Legalize Myanmar and Launch Brazil!

Prayer points:

  • The tweaking or cracks that need to be filled in Thailand, the Legalization of Life Impact Myanmar and also for the launching of Brazil

  • Nationals in all the countries with the right hearts that we can trust! That God would give us people that are willing AND able! So heart and specific skillets of what we need for the positions in that country. 

  • Favor with Governments in all the countries Life Impact is working with!

  • Partner Organizations and people with the same heart that we can trust with the same mission, vision, goals… keep the money men away from us.

  • To put us in the path of the next child that needs to be prevented, rescued, and healed in every country.

  • That the Lord would protect, keep, and bless our missionaries, national staff, and partners so we can continue to serve the Lord, and rescue children in grace, strength, peace, and with the joy of the Lord!

  • Unity at all Life Impact Intl. sights, bases, offices, and headquarters 

Lana Vasquez visited HOPE Church in 2017. Listen to her message here.