P. Luka (left) and Ghan Chermue

P. Luka (left) and Ghan Chermue

Missions Partners: P. Luka and Ghan Chermue

Can you provide a short update on your current work in Thailand?

  • Akha Youth Development Center (AYDC) - recently we have 55 students, boys and girls combined, from K-12 and university level. This coming year we will have 5 new incoming students for a total of 60 students.

  • Church planting - We have monthly leadership training, outreach to different villages which has resulted in 15 church sites, including the 3 new sites as of last year. We are now in the process of translating BTCP curriculum for our AKHA Pastors. This will take roughly 3 years to translate 11 books.

  • Public Health Promotion - We just recently hosted the Medical Mission Team from First Chinese Baptist Church/Fresno in February. The team consisted of 21 Medical, Dental, Optical and Pharmaceutical members. We treated over 2500-3000 patients over a 14-day period. We were at 2 different Christian schools, one of the local prisons, various northern area villages as well as a village near the Lao border. We are currently looking for a full-time nurse or health care provider to train our church leaders so they are better equipped to outreach to other villages.

  • Agricultural - We will be implementing a new intimate chicken and pig project to help support AYDC to be more self-sustainable. This project will also serve as an example to other villages to come and learn the process and take knowledge back to help their village become more self-sustainable. We hope to begin this project in the middle of May. Currently, our existing tea fields, rice fields, fish pond and cattle project are all doing well and continue to grow.  

Prayer specifics:

  • For continued running costs/expenses such as food, transportation, school fees and monthly administration fees.

  • Monthly costs and expenses for our leadership training

  • Help us to find and hire a full-time nurse or health care provider

  • Continued growth and success of our existing projects

  • Help in the implementation of the new Chicken and Pig project 

Were you able to proceed with your missionary work as planned?

Yes, we are. We trust in God that He will make the necessary provisions for us as they are possible. 

Do you have any other specific prayer requests?

Yes, please continue to pray for us to open a new Akha Youth Development Center (AYDC) in Myanmar.


How can Hope Church continue to partner with you? Is there anything we can do to help you and your mission?

Yes, definitely! There are several ways:

  • continued prayer

  • send a team of volunteers to come help with any type of project whether it being Health Care, Education, Agriculture, or Buildings and grounds

  • financial support 


Thank you for your prayer and partnership with us 

Brother In Christ,



Thai Akha Ministries Foundation (T-AMF) Ministry Brochure