P. Luka (left) and Ghan Chermue

P. Luka (left) and Ghan Chermue

Missions Partners: P. Luka and Ghan Chermue

Current Work: Currently,  our ministry continues to work in four main areas:  1) youth development,  2) church planting and evangelistic training, and pastoral development, and 3) basic public health promotion,  and 4) agricultural development.    Below is a longer explanation of each of these areas.

The youth work includes providing housing for students enrolled in formal education.  We have two facilities,  the main facility where we reside houses over 70 children studying in primary and secondary school.   Some of these kids are orphans.  A second facility is called the Ban San Fun  Home Project where currently 14 college and university students live and study.  A third area of our youth development ministry is to support 22 students living at home in the village of Huey San Akha.  This program provides a school bussing service for these kids to get to school and tutoring to help them with their homework and teach Sunday school.   All three of these programs involve teaching and modelling Christian Faith.  We see both education and strong Christian principals as key to preventing them from getting involved in human trafficking and being able to grow into productive people of faith. 

Under the church planting and evangelistic training ministry we are currently supporting monthly Biblical training for 13 community based church pastors.  We organize youth camps each year to reach more youth with the Gospel.  We visit the communities often to help the pastors and encourage the local churches to be able strong, independent, self-managing, as well as able to evangelise others.  

The medical ministry has changed somewhat from the past.  We do not do drug detoxification and rehabilitation clinics like we did before (ended in 2000).  But now we continue work through the community based pastors and local leaders in basic preventive health training. One of our graduates has completed a nursing degree and is working 3 days per week with us to promote basic health care,  hygiene, and prevention.   We are currently supporting  twin babies’ families with milk formula – something we have done for several poor families or orphan children in the past.

Another important aspect of the medical work is the ongoing mobile outreach teams.  A big team of doctors and dentists come from America every two years and we go to needy areas in Thailand, Myanmar, and Lao PDR.

The last aspect regarding agricultural development seeks to promote self development through tea, rice, pig raising, and loans.  This is done for the families of the children and the youth as well as the pastors.     Part of this is done with the center as well so that we can more independent and support the ministry on our own.

Prayer Requests: Please pray for the ongoing costs of our students.  Monthly food and bussing as well as tuition fees are always needed.  Some of our students still do not have sponsors so we try to stretch the budget from sponsored kids to cover the kids that are not sponsored.

Also, please pray for the church planting, pastoral training,  and youth camp programs.  These are important aspects of our ministry.

And for our medical ministry,  we’d like to support a full time nurse.  Please pray that this becomes possible in the future.  There is much our part time nurse does, but she has to work in the government hospital full time and can only help in the ministry part time.

We are praying for a full time agricultural development worker as well.    

Lastly,  please pray for the vision below that we have. 

How can Hope Church continue to partner with you? I have a vision to see an upland agricultural cooperative become established in this area.  This cooperative could help generate ongoing income for the member communities we work with as well as our foundation.   Our idea is that this would be under the church and would support the local churches as well.     I mentioned this vision concept to one of your church members at one time.  I forgot his name.  He was very interested and seemed like he wanted to be a part of helping to make it happen.

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