Missions Partners: Michael and Anna Brown

Current work: We are full-time missionaries with YWAM Kona. We serve in a variety of different capacities on the base, including discipling young leaders and serving as a leadership covering to many of the programs (Discipleship Training Schools and various bible schools) on the base. Michael also teaches a great deal both on our campus, and all around the world at different YWAM bases and churches.

Prayer Requests (Updated 12/2018)

  • Traveling grace! We have a lot of driving to do this coming week with 3 small children in the backseat! We will ALL need lots of grace, patience, joy, and good weather!

  • That we would continue to hear God’s voice clearly as we seek Him about the future. He has been speaking to and leading us already, but we want ears to hear clearly, and lots of faith to step out in the things He is directing us to next!

  • Some of the things we are primarily praying into are … foster care in Hawaii when we return. Michael joining a team that will run large scale evangelistic/city transformation campaigns in Asia, specifically south east, and continued involvement in training programs in Kona. We continue to seek the Lord on these things as we are on Sabbatical and would love, love, love Hope to join us in prayer for clarity on these things!

How can HOPE Church continue to partner with you? 

Continued prayer covering, especially in this year of transition. If anyone has any specific prayers or words for us, we’d love to hear them!