Missions Partners: Michael and Anna Brown


Current work: We are full-time missionaries with YWAM Kona. We serve in a variety of different capacities on the base, including discipling young leaders and serving as a leadership covering to many of the programs (Discipleship Training Schools and various bible schools) on the base. Michael also teaches a great deal both on our campus, and all around the world at different YWAM bases and churches.

8/2019 Update:

Can you provide a short update on your current work with YWAM? Anything specific we can pray for?

  • Currently, I (Mike) am facilitating and helping lead a seminar for young intellectuals from all over the USA and Canada! The seminar is called Estuaries and we are discussing how we live out our faith in Christ in the midst of some of the more rigorous intellectual settings i.e. Harvard, Stanford etc. How do we stand firm in our faith now and in the places of influence God is taking us to in the years to come! I will also be in meetings this coming weekend to help create a detailed plan for Myanmar that we can present to our broader international collaboration later this year. We have two leaders from other Churches/organizations that will be helping us put this together and I’d love prayer that our time is productive and most importantly, lead by the Holy Spirit.

  • Anna is currently trying to make her way to New Zealand where she will be helping with a woman’s conference called Brave Love. She is having flight difficulties currently so please pray that she gets to New Zealand without too much delay and with plenty of rest! …Also pray for me as I’ll have all 3 kids while trying to run this seminar and dealing with Riley-Joy who just finished nursing!

  • We could use prayer for breakthrough with our contacts in Myanmar! The city that I am supposed to lead an evangelistic event to, we are having trouble with our communication to on the ground and the last week there have been major floods in the city because of excessive rain during monsoon season, which is right now in Myanmar.

  • Please pray for a peace that surpasses understanding to guard our hearts and minds as we are in an extended and very busy time…It's too easy to feel like the crazy fastness of what’s around us, gets inside us and creates chaos! We are also about to start foster care here in Hawaii and because of that and a few other things we have picked up new expenses while at the same time letting go of other sources of income so we could use prayer for God to release provision for us however He sees fit to do that.

  • Anna and I will continue to help develop a national plan for the nation of Myanmar while staying involved in training missionaries in Kona and other places abroad. We are also starting to get involved in the foster care system here in Hawaii and helping lead and serve some of the necessary structures that keep our campus running smoothly…or at least mostly smoothly!

How can HOPE Church continue to partner with you? 

  • Continued prayer covering, especially in this year of transition. If anyone has any specific prayers or words for us, we’d love to hear them!

  • Send a team to Myanmar with me! ;)