Missions Partner: Missionary Hana and Toprak Han


The Romani people are a nomadic minority who have historically faced persecution and discrimination, and are often denied rights and services in the countries they reside.  

In an attempt to bring God’s love , provide opportunities for discipleship and develop young adults leaders, Hana established Kamp Frusca Gora.  She has been working with the Novi Sad Baptist Church in Serbia for the past 11 years to build Kamp Frusca Gora. in hopes to reach the students and young adults with the gospel.  

Currently Hana and Toprak (her husband) have also established a Korean Culture Center in the city of Izmir, Turkey.  Their hope is to utilize the opportunity of introducing Korean culture to build relationship and share the gospel.

Update from Hana (March 2019, translated):

  • We established the Korean Culture Center in Izmir, Turkey. Currently there are about 30 college and high school students registered and 20 who attend regularly. A big part of what we do is the continuous emphasis on the Korean culture. We teach the Korean language, have special activities to introduce them to Korean food at Korean restaurants and discuss various forms of Korean customs. Our intention is to build relationship with the students with the hope of sharing the gospel and lead them to Christ.
    Please pray that we can guide the students to a place of worship with the Lord.

  • This ministry, Korean Culture Center, begins in October and ends in May since students typically return to their home between June to September. We would like to incorporate special programs in the summer to travel to various regions and connect with these students through the Korean language.   
    Please pray that we can establish long-term and short-term partners with us.

  • We need teachers who can teach Korean, English, and musical instruments, even individuals who can lead games; realistically, anything could be useful at this point.  We want to utilize this center to bring interest among the local students and build relationships.
    We would like to have partners who can bring in a team to be involved with prayer,  language teaching, music, computer, cooking and all sorts of things.

  • We would like support from HOPE in multiple ways, through prayers, long-term/short-term mission teams and if possible financially as well.

Thank so much
God is so good. I am so happy.
God bless you
I love you