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Missions Partners: Andrew & Norine Brunson, Kent Taylor

Name of Ministry: Resurrection Church in Izmir

Current Work: Our ministry here is comprised of Resurrection Church in Izmir, a smaller church under the same name in the nearby city of Manisa, the Izmir House of Prayer, which is being admirably run by a South Korean couple and 10 other South Korean full-time intercessors who have succeeded in establishing continuous worship and prayer 24/7, and a school for raising up leaders for harvest in Turkey (the building for legal reasons is not currently being used, and a formal curriculum is not currently being offered, though the vision and plans for training to equip people for effective ministry continues.)   Although I am ultimately overseer of all of these ministries, with the co-leadership of Andrew's wife, Norine, my main focus and responsibility has been the main church in Izmir and all training efforts.  


Prayer Requests:

The main focus in this season are the following, and these may also serve as a guide for prayer.

1) Prayer for release of Andrew Brunson
- Please pray for Andrew's psychological and emotional state.  These events have had a great toll on him.     
- Pray for those working on Andrew's defense.

2) We continue to seek by intensive prayer and worship for God to pour out his Spirit upon us in great power and glory, resulting in an overflow of His Presence and an increase of salvations, changed lives, and miracles.  God's Spirit continues to wonderfully touch both believers and unbelievers in our meetings, resulting in encounters with God, filling of the Spirit, miraculous healings, and other similar things.  However, based on the biblical model and the great need in Turkey, we are seeking for God's Spirit to come in a much greater measure, resulting also in a greater amount of these mighty works of God.    

3)  Pray for the place of worship: We've been asked to leave our building by mid June.  The building owner is simply afraid due to the situation with Andrew.  Pray we are able to stay at this building.  It's probably one of the most strategically located church buildings in Turkey, or, for certain, at least in our city.  Rent for similarly-sized buildings are much more expensive, and too expensive for us as a church.  If we have to move, we will need miraculous provision, both to find a suitable building and the money for the building.  

4) We have been increasing our time and efforts to do evangelism, seeking to both mobilize more people to engage in it, and to increase our effectiveness.  The amount of curious and seeking people who walk into our church any time it is open is amazing, and we want and need to take full advantage of this.  One aspect of this ministry is the ministry of healing and other ministry by the power of the Spirit to demonstrate that Jesus is Lord and Savior.  

5) While some training has continued to be offered at our church, I need God's wisdom to establish a more intensive program which will be optimally practical in bringing more training in the midst of everyone's busy schedules.  

6) In accordance with Andrew's vision from the beginning, our church has always sought to be outwardly focused by reaching out to areas and people outside of our location in Izmir.  In addition, our church has been engaging in effective ministry to Syrian refugees.