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A House of Prayer for All the Peoples

Pastor Kyu Kim reminds us of why Jesus cleared out the temple: to restore it to a house of prayer. Jesus cast out everything that exploited and hindered His people. We are reminded that from the beginning, HOPE church invests in each generation so that they may rise up to love God.

Scripture: Mark 11:15-17, Isaiah 56:7

Q4HOPE ChurchKyu Kim, 2017
Good News of Great Joy

Pastor Kyu Kim presents the Christmas story and teaches how heaven needed to come to earth. Jesus came into the world to heal brokenness. The joyous announcement was not made to the elite but rather to the overlooked. This is how God chose to reveal Himself. This is God’s character.

Scripture: Luke 2:8-20

Q4HOPE ChurchKyu Kim, 2017
If You Want to be Great

Pastor Kyu Kim speaks on living a life of greatness. Jesus taught that to be great one must follow Him, the Jesus who came to serve and to give His life for our sake. How do we live out this life of greatness?

Scripture: Mark 10:35-45

Q4HOPE ChurchKyu Kim, 2017
Glory Unveiled

Pastor Kyu Kim teaches how Jesus unveiled himself to show His true form in all its glory. God chose to put on our form that we may be able to relate and connect to Him and connect. In a life walking with Jesus we transform to become more like Him as a response. How amazing is the scandal of grace!

Scripture: Mark 9:1-8

Q4Jessica LeeKyu Kim, 2017