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Be Filled with the Spirit

Pastor Kyu Kim asks us: are we running on empty? Just like running out of gas in our cars, some Christians aren’t being filled by the Spirit. Pastor Kyu teaches the results of a Spirit-filled life and the steps to be filled by the Holy Spirit.

Scripture: Ephesians 5:18-21

Q3HOPE Church2018, Kyu Kim
The War is Over

Lana Vasquez shares about our God of restoration and testifies how He brought her out of mourning and back into life. From small to great, nothing went missing, nothing was lacking, and nothing was broken. God gives beyond what we ask for and his thoughts are beyond ours.

Lana is the founder of Life Impact International.

Scripture: 1 Samuel 29-30

Led by the Spirit

Pastor Kyu Kim teaches how God’s spirit leads us to become like Christ and to follow God’s will. The Spirit works in many ways to overcome the desires of the flesh. Pastor Kyu teaches four ways to help us be led by the Spirit.

Scripture: Romans 8:14

Q3HOPE ChurchKyu Kim, 2018
Power of Love

Pastor Joey Wandler teaches the power of God’s love and Jesus’ gaze. By meeting the rich young ruler’s dilemma with love rather than contempt, Jesus gave him the courage to forsake everything else to obey God and receive his heavenly inheritance. As we let Jesus’ love run its course in our lives, fear and sin shall be cast out.

Joey is a pastor of Eagle’s Nest in Redding, California.

Scripture: Mark 10:17-31