Sundays in Thailand

Although I miss Sunday’s back home, it’s so cool to experience church services in different countries. I don’t know what they’re saying or doing most of the time but I like hearing them pray and worship in their own language. We also had to sit and stand multiple times for hymns or something, I’m not sure but I know it had something to do with Jesus so we’re good. Today we went to a village church and Mr. Lam delivered an awesome message on Moses and the three questions he asked God in Exodus 3 and 4. He talked about how God is near to us and that He is mighty and has everything under control. He will go over and beyond for His children and we need to stop looking at ourselves but keep our eyes on the Lord. Mr. Lam shared his testimony of when he heard the audible voice of God and when God answered his questions. He asked anyone who wanted a breakthrough or to hear His voice to come to the front to receive prayer. Our team and the Life Impact kids prayed for them and it was heart-warming to see the members of the church touched by the love of God. Our team was able to pray for the three pastors of the church and bless them for being the shepherd to His sheep . Good job Mr. Lam for sharing God’s word and Mr. Jason for singing the Father’s heart!

HOPE Church2016