Who We Are

Our vision is to equip all people to be passionate lovers of Jesus Christ, reach the lost, and practice mercy in the house of prayer. 

At House of Prayer for Everyone (HOPE) Church, prayer is the heartbeat of our ministry. We believe that the prayer room is the place of intercession, the place of encounter, and the place of invitation to passionately pursue God. We abide by the core values of seeking intimacy with God, reaching lost people, and building community through the house of prayer.

Our church began as the English-Speaking ministry of the First Korean Presbyterian Church of Maryland, located near the University of Maryland in College Park. Stirred by Isaiah 56:7 we eventually found our identity as the House of Prayer for Everyone. We seek to be a community built on God’s love and a place of celebration, healing and restoration as individuals walking out in faith and as a corporate body whom the Lord will use to bring revival to this area.

We desire to be a place where all people can freely come and meet with God.