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Missionary Michael Brown urges us to live out our faith in complete obedience to Christ. We are called to not only know God’s heart but to act upon it. Obedience is either complete or compromised: which will you choose?

Scripture: John 15:12-14

Q4HOPE ChurchMichael Brown, 2018
Waiting for Jesus... A Look at Simeon and Anna

Pastor Mimi Kim considers the lives of Simeon and Anna who eagerly awaited the coming of Jesus, and how we now wait for the blessed hope that is Jesus’ second coming. During this Christmas season, are we waiting proactively with great expectation, just like Simeon and Anna did?

Scripture: Luke 2:21-38

Q4HOPE ChurchMimi Kim, 2018
Faith That Will Not Fail

Su Kim walks us through the Hall of Faith and how God grows our faith. Just like a tree that bears fruit, we gain faith by abiding in Christ and acting on our faith. Are we anchored in the God who will never let us down?

Scripture: Hebrews 11:1-13

Q4HOPE ChurchSu Kim, 2018