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Be Encouraged

Missionary Michael Brown exhorts us to keep eyes fixed on God's promises rather than the circumstances. Let us stay in God's word so the world pales in comparison. Michael also gives an update on Myanmar.

Scripture: Matthew 11:1-6


Missionary Michael Brown urges us to live out our faith in complete obedience to Christ. We are called to not only know God’s heart but to act upon it. Obedience is either complete or compromised: which will you choose?

Scripture: John 15:12-14

Q4HOPE ChurchMichael Brown, 2018
The Gospel

Missionary Michael Brown from YWAM-Kona exhorts us: "Let's never move past the gospel." We are about Jesus and our purpose is glorify Jesus. Let us focus on the gospel and not lose our passion in order to keep walking with Him.

Q4Jessica LeeMichael Brown, 2017